Friday, 8 April 2011

Repeat after me: I am not superman

There are, occasionally, days when nothing is going to get done. Today is one such day for me. I slept poorly (thanks in part to housemates holding conferences in the hall outside my room after midnight), then got up early and taught 4 hours of formal logic. Having also done 5 miles of walking to get there and back, by the time I got home at around 2pm, I was shattered. It's also the last day of term today, and fatigue has been mounting for a while.

So, it is time for me to have a day for reminding myself I'm not superhuman. I think this is something it's vitally important to be able to do occasionally, particularly given that in self-publishing one has to carry the whole world on one's own shoulders so much of the time. It's OK to put it down for a day now and then - provided it is only a day now and then. How frequently you need it and what you do is up to you, but TAKE A BREAK now and then. You can't do good work if you work yourself to exhaustion.

In the spirit of the day, then, this is all you're getting ;) (all 1 of my followers, anyway). I have much of tomorrow free to finish off my research week and tidy up the loose ends in time for going home on Sunday. I will still be blogging next week, though - albeit on a slightly more abstract theme.

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