Saturday 1 December 2012

Immortal Remains

'Heaven fallen, Heaven spent,
Who's to say where the Old Gods went?'

Barrin doesn't know what a God is, or Heaven. All he knows is the game the village children play to the timeless nursery rhyme. When the game chases him out into the dangerous wilderness beyond the gresha-fence, he disturbs an ancient cairn. Within, he finds a strange, glittering stone that awakens all kinds of ancient memories.

* * *
'Immortal Remains' is available NOW at Smashwords, and you can pay what you like for it. I trust you, dear (potential) reader, to decide what the story is worth to you, both in terms of the experience you're expecting or hoping to get, and in terms of how much time you'd like me to have for writing.

That's not a crude attempt at blackmail, by the way. I'll keep writing, one way or the other, because it's more than a thing I do - it's part of what I am. I couldn't stop writing if I wanted to. But if writing pays the bills, I don't have to spend 20+ hours a week working a day job just to stay alive. That's twenty more hours I can spend every week on my writing, on being a better and/or more prolific writer - over 1000 hours gained every year, which could mean up to a million extra words of output (theoretically :P).

I've discovered that provided I have enough money to live on, plus enough to keep me in confectionery and pop, then writing is basically all I need to ensure my happiness. As such, I've already had most of the value I expect to get out of 'Immortal Remains' for myself - I've had the experience of writing it. If there's anything else I want from the story, it's for people to read it and respond to or engage with it. I'll admit that my ego could certainly use the boost of a few well-considered reviews ;)

Anyway, that's why there's no minimum price on 'Immortal Remains'. You can have it for free if you want (and particularly if you can't afford to give me any money for it, go ahead and read it). If you've never read anything of mine before and want to take a change on the story without any outlay, go ahead (though I do have ten other free short stories available...). I can hardly expect you to make a judgement about what my work is worth without having read any of it, and I've no right to impose my judgement about what my work is worth on you (after all, of course I think it's brilliant XD).

So there you go: read, enjoy, pay or leave a review if you like. I hope this can be the beginning of a long and happy literary relationship for us :)

(Special note of thanks and pluggage: 'Immortal Remains' was edited by my good friend Sally Fildes-Moss, of Proof Improved. I highly recommend her services if you need any copy-editing or proof-reading.)

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